Photography Services

Photo Sales - Almost all of the photos we have taken are for sale. These images can be purchased in various quantities and sizes. The images available can be found on this site or on our smugmug site which contains all of our images. The only limitations may be on private photo shoots (such as senior or family portraits) where sales could be limited to the customer's family if they so choose.

Photo Shoots - A photo shoot can arranged for almost any occasion. Some examples may be weddings, new babies, special events, family portraits, senior portraits, or just any event you want to remember. To discuss a photo shoot, just contact us to start going over the details. Packages and options can be discussed, a date can be set, and prices can be agreed upon.

Image Scanning - Perhaps you have boxes of old family slides, or piles of negatives, or maybe just a bunch of photo albums you would like put on to CD to take up less space. We have the ability to scan all of these old family memories to put them on a more compact device that will allow you to view them on any computer and print out again with the printing service of your choice. Prices for this service would be per image and will vary depending on any extra services chosen (color correction, simple editing, organizing, etc).